• Daniel Taylor (double bass, vocals)

    Born in a barren oil refining community in the wilds of Scotland, and raised in the subtropics of Oceania, Daniel Taylor is something of a modern rennaissance man, with his ability to write catchy songs, cause ladies to swoon with his velvety voice, cook delicious meals, build mighty structures, make soaps and perfumes and swim for miles on end. As a child he dreamed firstly of being a dolphin, then of being action man, and finally, after hearing Disney's Best Loved Fairy Tales album, of playing double bass like Red Mitchell. He has performed and recorded with various electronic music acts. His favourite colour is blue, and his favourite natural phenomenon is the thunderstorm.

  • Nikos Pyromalis (guitars)

    Somewhat of an enigma, Nikos Pyromalis was born and raised in Athens, Greece. After a stint in the Greek Army as a conscript, we think he may have joined a group of travelling gypsies who forced him to learn the guitar. We found him in an underground jazz club in Paris, and after paying a hefty ransom to the barman, we persuaded him to come to the UK where he flourished as a sound engineer and a college lecturer. His favourite colour is scarlet, and he likes shiny things.

  • Edd Keene (Tenor Sax)

    A successful performer in his own right as the multi-instrumentalist loop pedal artist "“The Green Man”, Edd Keene has been a member of many bands including Smudged, Burnt Lychee and Amorphous Androgynous. He’s also sessioned for Paul Weller and Oasis, and has appeared on a compilation album in Mojo magazine. His laid-back style and happy-go-lucky attitude belie his sensitive nature, and we have to be careful not to play any sad music incase he begins to weep. His wont is to collect the most saxophones in the world, and his favourite colour is green.

  • Ben Keene (clarinet, saxophone)

    After a drunken rampage through the red-light district of Hamburg, we heard the strains of a plaintive melody, followed the haunting sound only to find Edd’s long-lost brother Ben Keene standing under a lamp-post with a beaten up old saxophone, his hat on the floor with only a few cents to his name. We immediately bundled him into the La Mort Subitemobile and brought him to the UK, where he runs his own business and has managed to somehow accrue a wife and several offspring. He has a propensity for the colour turquoise, and will stop at nothing for a good watermelon.

  • Vincent Charles (Drums)

    On our way back from Hamburg with Ben we were barrelling along the Autoroute towards Paris in the dead of night when a dishevelled figure ran out into the carriageway, forcing us to perform an emergency stop. The figure came to the window, slathering and flailing his arms around wildly. We immediately knew that this would make our perfect drummer. We tried to communicate but to no avail, when upon sight of a toy drum we had purchased from an intinerant beggar he became extremely agitated and forced his way in through the window. Since then Vince has learned to eat with a knife and fork, and can expound theories of philosophy at parties with a passable Oxbridge accent.

  • Fritz Ehlers (Percussion)

    One dark rainy night, we were discussing the mystery of Fermat's last theorem whilst playing cards at the La Mort Subite House when a terrible banging came from the front door. "Let me in, quickly, they want to kill me" said the tall man at the door, dressed in a top hat and cape, brandishing a twelve foot bullwhip. We hustled him in, and he began to explain. He had been in Persia, and had accidentally played a rhythm on his Darbuka which was deemed iconoclastic and highly offensive to the locals, who had chased him all the way to the UK. We looked through a chink in the curtains to see a mass of robed figures with flaming torches and pitchforks, and decided to pretend not to be at home. Since that fateful night he has been under our protection, and is very careful not to play offensive rhythms lest he upset any sensibilities.

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